Focus Areas

● Documentation of historic buildings and areas  ●  Scientific condition assessment  ●  Research based approach for heritage conservation  ●  Scientific analytical approach for conservation  

●  Research on traditional and historic building knowledge systems  ●  Application of traditional building materials and construction techniques for conservation and modern constructions  ●  Use of lime and mud as principal binding materials  ●  Designing specifications for conservation works  ●  Developing and managing quality in heritage works  ●  Engaging local community members in heritage conservation process  ●  Training programs for conservation works  ●  Multidisciplinary approach for heritage conservation   ●  Adaptive reuse  ●  Heritage Interpretation  

​Our Expertise

● Cultural Resource Mapping  ●  Feasibility Assessment Reports for Heritage Based Projects  

●  Detailed Projects Reports ●  Building & Urban Conservation  ●  Adaptive Reuse Proposals  

●  Development of Historic Sites  ●  Tourism Development Plans  ●  Supervision and Project Monitoring of Heritage Projects  ●  Project Management Consultancy  ●  Conservation Training Programs  ●  Conceptualizing Heritage Walk Programs