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Technical Advice Notes (TAN) on working with Lime in India

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

This series of Technical Advice Notes are guide to the principles underlying the use of lime works including advice on materials, specification and site practice.


TAN 1: Building lime

TAN 2: Resources for building lime

TAN 3: Lime burning

TAN 4: Types of lime

TAN 5: Ingredients required for lime mortar

TAN 6: Traditional aggregates

TAN 7: Traditional organic additives-regional

TAN 8: Slaking of lime

TAN 9: Process of making lime mortars

TAN 10: Applications of lime mortars

TAN 11: Making matching mortars for conservation

TAN 12: Pointing with lime mortar

TAN 13: Lime concreting

TAN 14: Lime plastering

TAN 15: Traditional technique of lime finishes-part 1

TAN 16: Traditional technique of lime finishes-part 2

TAN 17: Common defects in lime works

TAN 18: Field tests on lime and lime mortars

TAN 19: Safe working practices with lime based materials


Stay tuned for upcoming posts. Dharohar wishes you happy working.

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Swathy Subramanian
Swathy Subramanian

I was unable to click on the links or find any attachments. Where can I find more information? Please let me know.

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